A BIG Thank You to Teacher Jodie & Power Play Kids Gym for all the love & guidance in a constructive, and entertaining way! My son loves & looks forward to Power Play every week! He has a lot of energy, so all the activities he learns in class, he brings home to practice...and use more of his energy up! I find him doing Power Play techniques around our house and yard! He has learned more than the benefits of excercise. He has learned patience & following directions, as well as gained strength, coordination and self confidence in his abilities! Teacher Jodie really is the reason this program is so amazing! We can hardly wait for our youngest son to be able to start Power Play Kids Gym!


The Cullen Family



Thanks you for all the love and heart you put into our children. They have made great strides physically and mentally because of you. Max is certainly your biggest fan, and we know why.

Much Love,

Kelly Szabo & Family


Wow! Thanks for sharing you gifts with Resurrection Lutheran Preschool. We’re convinced that our kids score extremely high on their “Gross Motor Skills” because of you. Thanks for everything and God Bless.

Quinten, April, Stone & Reed Sharp


I love this class! What I love most about it is that Tommy'’s been introduced to such physical games in a safe, fun atmosphere and at such a young age. I honestly believe that kids of all ages benefit not just from free gross motor exercise but they also thrive in a safe, structured environment where they can channel some of the more intense energy and feelings that aren’t exactly socially appropriate (you know the ones: no hitting, kicking, pushing, grabbing others) on equipment and not other kids or themselves. And while I am all for organized team sports (I played them all through my youth from ages 7-17), I really just don’t think that this age group can gain all the benefits from those outlets just yet – way too many rules to learn and listen to, and way, WAY too much competition .

I am so glad Power Play lands on a day Tommy attends school, but even if it didn’t, I still think I’'d seek out this class. It’s a nominal fee, and it’s something that I’ve seen far-reaching benefits from in the several months that he's attended.


Kristen Pincherli


Since signing my son up for Power Play, he has looked forward to Thursday afternoons when he could exercise and move to music. Every week Mrs. Jodie created an original but fun class for the kids, they probably didn't realize they were exercising and strengthening their bodies! My son has continued to practice his new skills at home, so he's certainly gained from the time he has spent at Power Play. He's enjoying the class so much that it's entertaining for me to watch him every week as well.


Melissa Pyles

Power Play Kids Gym is a great gymnastics program for young children. Jodie is energetic, dedicated and excellent at keeping the children interested and involved in her class. My two children started gymnastics with Power Play Kids Gym and acquired skills there that allowed them to move onto forrmal gymnastics classes and team competition. I always recommend Power Play Kids Gym when parents are looking to introduce their child to an organized sports class.


Christiane Foster



I teach in Long Beach, CA where I have had the privilege of watching Jodie Lenhart work with preschoolers ages 3 to 6 for the last three years. At the preschool we have several outside companies that offer extra curricular activities. Often times parents ask me which activity they should enroll their child in, as there are so many to choose from. I always recommend Ms. Jodie's Power Play class. She is so awesome with the kids and they absolutely love her and her class! I have seen children that have trouble with following directions; motor skills difficulty and self-esteem problems improve greatly after enrolling in her class. She is patient, loving and a very positive influence on every child she comes in contact with.

 Cynthia L. Boscon
 Teacher, Parent and Early Childhood Professional